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Formed in 1994 and headquartered in suburban Philadelphia, SCPsmartpay™ serves more than 100 clients from diverse industries throughout the United States, Canada, England, Australia, New Zealand and Japan.

SCP maintains a comprehensive data base of current pay level and practice information to provide clients with relevant industry and local market benchmarks to structure base pay ranges and define total cash compensation.

Through strategic partnerships with our experts in employee benefits, we help clients integrate health & welfare and fringe benefit provisions into logical, consistent total compensation programs for their employees.

At the executive level, total program planning also incorporates non-qualified and other special benefit provisions scaled for highly compensated employees.


  • Develops compensation philosophies that compliment your business strategies, values and operating priorities.
  • Designs pay plans and reward systems, including base pay ranges, short- and longer-term incentives, which support your program philosophies.
  • Implements and supports your operating compensation plans.

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SCP Services Include:

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Total Compensation Planning
  • Defining the right “mix” of fixed and variable cash and benefits for each significant employee audience in a client’s organization.
  • Auditing program effectiveness.
  • M&A Support: due diligence, program integration.
Executive Board Compensation
  • Total rewards planning for key senior positions.
  • Goal-based cash incentive plans.
  • Equity participation plans including phantom plans for privately held organizations.
  • Supplemental benefit plans and perquisites.
Corporate Governance
  • Policy and practice reviews for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, latest SEC regulations and stock exchange listing requirements.
  • Compensation Committee charter and operating policies.
Base Pay Administration
  • Market Pricing
  • Job Measurement Systems
  • Performance Management Programs
Variable Pay Plans
  • Sales Compensation Plans
  • Productivity Improvement Incentives for work teams and individuals
  • Goal-based bonus plans (annual, project-based) for managers, professional and support staff.
Organization Effectiveness
  • Assessment of management structure and executive positions’ roles, responsibilities and>
  • Compensation value analysis
  • Effectiveness of management styles, systems and working relationships.
HRM Policies and Practices
  • Industry Practice / Trend Data
  • Policy and Practice Handbooks
Pay Practices Database


SCP provides clients with access to the most current survey data and practice research for their industries and labor markets. The database is a compilation of the latest survey reports from leading commercial publishers including Watson Wyatt, Wm. Mercer, The Conference Board, and Economic Research Institute, among others.

The database also includes results of SCP‘s own market research and custom surveys.

Recent research projects include compensation and HR practice surveys for the national wireless communications industry, social service agencies and retirement communities in Pennsylvania and Ohio, and a national network of nonprofit fund raising agencies.